I teach personal stylists - just like you - how to create your high dollar signature service

to streamline your biz,

increase your revenue,

and go from overworked, to profitably booked.

"I have been really impressed by the level of detail so far that is covered [in the Accelerator] and suggestions of things that are common sense but are necessary, a reminder of things to pack, to prep, to do lists, check lists, downloads and templates. I'm learning SO much and don't know how I ever would have done this on my own. A small price to pay for such great knowledge and resources and is saving me so much time, it would have been exhausting piecemealing this together myself and trying to figure it out alone! Also, I love Sydney's positive mindset and commitment to the goal of service, it's exactly where I'm at and can't wait to continue and launch my business in a few months."

Personal Style & Mindset Consultant

"I implemented your suggestions... [and] I am happy to announce that I booked my first 2 PAID services this week. I also booked a paid speaking engagement and am leading a fashion show! "

Wardrobe Stylist

"My coaching experience with Sydney was a HUGE help and I could not have reached my end goal without her coaching help, accountability, and the tools she shared. Through our calls, Sydney helped me identify the key services unique to me and my business. She encouraged me to really think about the value I provide and to ensure my pricing aligns with my value. As a result, I simplified my offerings and created 2 packages each for my new and current clients. This has allowed me to confidently sell my Services by knowing exactly what I'm offering and at what price. I gained 2 new clients during the first week I launched my new Services! "

Style Coach

"Only 7 weeks in the work in the Accelerator (formerly Biz Bootcamp) and Lamia booked a year long retainer style client, giving her consistent recurring revenue for the next 12 months!"

Wardrobe Stylist

I help personal stylists just like you create, market and sell your signature service. 

In The Profitable Stylist Framework, you'll learn exactly how to:

Craft a signature service that you can sell for upwards of $1,000,

Implement the exact systems you need to deliver an incredible value while also running a profitable business (yep, we talk money and all the legal stuff you didn't know you needed to know), 

Create your own styling methodology that positions you up as an expert and allows you to stand out from the ocean of other stylists

Develop a mindset that will let you stand the test of time as a entrepreneur



Every client goes through this framework and process - whether that's in my group program, 1:1 coaching, or a VIP day.

Learn more about each program here.

Client success stories here.

3 month small group coaching program



3 month one-to-one coaching program

1:1 Coaching


1 day one-to-one virtual intensive program

the Intensive


Hi - I'm Sydney

My personal styling journey started with a Wordpress blog and bad outfit photos in 2009.

When my full-time job in the social work field laid me off in 2016 I took the leap to figure out exactly how to take $300 closet clean outs into a full time job.

Turns out, those don't actually pay the bills.

BUT ditching a la carte offerings and creating  a signature service DOES.

Couple that with hacking together free systems and creating repeatable processes and I was in BUSINESS. Like for real, pay the bills business. 

I've put all of this knowledge into my program to help stylists who were just like me when I started - I was good at what I did, but had no idea how to run a business. And now I'm sharing that with YOU.

You can learn more about me and my styling journey HERE.



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